Dianingtyas earned her bachelor degree from Universitas Kristen Indonesia at 2006. During her study there, she was actively involved in many public relation activities such as when she joined Barnabas Suebu’s success team in Papua election. Afterwards, Dianingtyas continued to pursue her passion in communication and public relation as PR Officer at Elite Advertising.

Later on, she sought a new challenge as marketing public relation at Trijaya Pratama in which she was demanded to be able to perform marketing functions aside from her regular duty as public relation officer. Dianingtyas’s career in academic world started at 2008 when she worked for an education consultant. In the same time, she took her Magister Degree at Universitas Indonesia. Dianingtyas remained in the academic world after obtaining her magister degree by working at Central of Research for Communication Sciences (PUSKA), still at Universitas Indonesia. At PUSKA, Dianingtyas organized several workshops and trainings whilst also becoming a consultant for several government ministries such as the Ministry for Women Empowerment and Child Protection. Shortly after, Dianingtyas moved from PUSKA and joined Universitas Bakrie as one of the lecturers in Communication Sciences Department.